In the UK

  1. Recitals at “Frontiers” the series of concerts by the teachers at the Birmingham Conservatoire performing works by Liz Johnson, J. ALvarez,  I. Xenakis, J Druckman,etc.

  2. Recitals in London Oxfordshire, Warwickshire. From recitals halls to community centers.

  3. A series of Six recitals of solo Percussion during his residency at the Richard Attenborough Center University of Leicester,  last concert with works written specially for him by Errolyn Wallen, Jeremy Arden, Hilda Paredes,  Michael Rosas, Robert Keeley.

  4. He premiered the works especially written for him by students at Kings College University of London

  5. At the Simon Bolivar Hall, London he premiered in the UK works by Franco Donatoni, and William Kraft


In Mexico

  1.   He has been a soloist for the following Orchestras.

  2. Orquesta  Filarmonica de la Universidad de Mexico. Winner of the Young player prize at National school of Music Univeristy of Mexico

  3. La Orquesta Filarmonica del Bajio.  Recording of  “Diptico III”  for stirng orchestra and Percussion by Manuel Enriquez written specially for him

  4. Orquesta de Camara de la Ciduad de Mexico

  5. Orquesta de Camara de Bellas Artes.

  6. He has given numerous recitals at numerous  “New Music Festivals” in Mexico City